Beautiful 19" English Oak Rustic Log Slice

Beautiful 19" English Oak Rustic Log Slice

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Beautiful large English oak log rustic log slice approx. 19" diameter x 4"" high, ideal for cake stands, centrepiece, garden table tops, stools and projects, cut extra thick to give a nice deep look with lots of bark. Sawn fresh from English oak with character and lovely ring and grain markings along with a beautiful oak wood sent. Either keep it as it is or smooth down by sanding giving a nice appearance - oiling will also help nourish. (I also offer this option)


    The log slice sold may not be the one in the picture but will be very similar as it'll be cut from the same log. Oak is a hardwood and is much heavier than softwood and prized for it's strength and durability.
    Please note that this oak slice will be green and fresh so it will probably show cracks and move slightly overtime which is a natural drying out process especially in a warm environment this adds to its character and looks. There is no guarantee that your log won't split over a length of time but treating with oil can help to nourish the wood. Storing somewhere cool and leaving the log to air and dry out naturally can help to reduce splitting, treating with a few coats of Danish oil / butchers oil or boiled linseed oil will penetrate into the wood helping to prevent movement still giving it a natural look without varnishing or staining. (I can not guarantee the amount of movement that will appear)
    Options available: Rough saw: with no finish
    Sanding and oiling: Sanded one side only oiled with Danish oil to help nourish - this is food friendly.


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