Handmade Quality Round Rattan Wicker Baskets

Handmade Quality Round Rattan Wicker Baskets

These lovely strong handmade grey and buff Rattan round wicker baskets are perfect for storing heavy logs or using for general household storage giving lots of storage area and height. Very strong baskets which are really nice and well made. External handles. Available in 4 sizes. Please look at all the measurements, sizes are approx. Allow at least extra 10cm for height with handles which are extra. Please allow for slight size tolerance as each basket is made by hand. Rattan is a natural product, shades can sometimes vary a little from grey to buff.

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    Extra Large basket 52cm round x 52cm high
    Large basket 41cm round x 46cm high
    Medium basket 34cm round x 40cm high
    Small basket 27cm round x 35cm high

    If ordering more than one please ask for cost of postage as we may be able to send in one package to save costs. Please ask for shipping costs overseas, Northern Ireland and Channel Irelands.



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