Rustic wooden log cake stand with carved out heart, personalisation optional

Rustic wooden log cake stand with carved out heart, personalisation optional

Our Gorgeous rustic log stand listed here looks amazing as it's cut extra thick approx 4" high to allow room for the carving of this beautiful love heart surrounded by beautiful bark. Sawn fresh from English larch timbers supplied from sustainable woodlands and managed forests. Sanded on one side to give a nice smooth finish.

We offer an option to personalise your stand with celebration initials or names burnt into the love heart. We don't use a stencil or prints and only burn into the wood by free hand! Please add names or initials when ordering personalised logs and date of venue.

  • Extra information

    Sizes are approximate as not all trees are completely round. We aim to supply you with a perfect log but due to it's nature there might be slight imperfections. Various dimensions are available but if you can't see what you require then please ask as we cut sizes to order. We have a selection of rustic logs listed in our shop, Please take a look.
    Please note that the log is still green and fresh which means it will dry out and crack overtime which is a natural drying out process especially in warm environment this adds to its character and looks. There is no guarantee that your log won't split eventually, applying oil can help nourish the wood helping to prolong drying out but it won't stop it entirely.
    Best to order as near to venue date as possible - two weeks is ideal. If ordering in advance please add the venue date - please do not be tempted to receive the log too early. Unwrap the log as soon at it arrives to allow your log to breath. PLEASE READ CARE INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED WITH EACH LOG PURCHASED.